Residential & Commercial Window Cleaning


For your convenience, Reflection Windows & Doors, LLC offers all window cleaning services on weekdays, weekends, day or evening. We will work with your schedule to get the job done without interrupting your life. There are no additional charges for weekends or evenings. Call us today to discuss your project details. 303-426-4474

We have specialized in commercial window cleaning up to 50 stories since 1993. Our company philosophy is based on superior customer service, quality workmanship, safety, and efficiency. Our mission is to create a long term relationship built on integrity and trust. This allows property managers and owners to delegate window cleaning and maintenance responsibilities to Reflection Windows & Doors, LLC to meet budget and seasonal needs. We understand that your business and property upkeep is subject to change, and we are flexible to change with your needs. We will set up regular communication, superior window cleaning, regular upkeep, and consistent professional service. 

Our scheduling and window maintenance are based on your exact needs, whether its weekly window cleaning of your restaurant, glass atrium entry, or quarterly cleaning of interior and exterior glass on a 50 story building, we've got you covered from the ground up! We offer customized service plans and maintenance programs to satisfy any requirement by simply logging your annual maintenance budget, develop a plan (schedule) to keep YOUR WINDOWS CLEAN ALL YEAR long (without increasing your budget) and the ability to equalize the time spent over a twelve month period. Reflection Windows & Doors, LLC employees are uniformed, always professional and highly trained in accordance with ALL industry standards. We use the latest in modular scaffolding and high-reach equipment which is inspected regularly to ensure it meets all safety standards set forth by OSHA and the I-14 Standard. Through our commitment, experience, and expertise, we establish relationships with our customers that will last a lifetime! Call us today at 303-426-4474, or email for a FREE, no obligation property and window inspection and a customized service proposal. At Reflection Windows & Doors, LLC, you have a full service management company dedicated to your property. We take ownership of your needs and your goals are our #1 priority. We value each client and look forward to showing you the Reflection Windows & Doors, LLC way of facility service management!